Embodied Ethical Personhood Training

The Ethics work group has developed two workshops (A and B) that together form the Embodied Ethical Personhood Core training.  This training is based on skills from the Right Use of Power and Non-Violent Communication.


The Embodied Ethical Personhood training (EEP) is an invitation for the HEN Community to:


  • Make explicit what we have learned implicitly

  • Embody a deepening of our Hakomi principles

  • Be aware of and skilled with how we stand in relation to power 

  • Ask for, offer and use feedback wisely as a way to support each other.

  • Develop skills to welcome the wisdom of honesty, courageous conversations and conflict transformation, opening to conflict as an opportunity


Invitations to the Embodied Ethical Personhood Core Training is first for all Trainers, then HEN work groups and Courageous Conversations volunteers. We will then open to Teachers and Practitioners and eventually open the invitation to all HEN members. 

  • The Embodied Ethical Personhood Core Training begins this September 2021 and consists of two 2-day workshops of 4.5 hours each day (including a 30 min break).

Upcoming Ethics Events

  • B: Part 2
    12月08日 GMT-8 上午9:00 – 12月09日 GMT-8 上午9:00
    Learn to use your power to change the world! You can also register for B: Conflict & Feedback as Opportunity here. Then you choose the ticket that says A+B Fall, 2021. Welcome!